Happy Green

H@ppy Green Tree acObsttive

H@ppy Green  consists of 100 % natural plant extracts.It is absolute economical harmless. H@ppy Green is making the plants more resistant for any diseases. The roots will become stronger and can use the nutrient from the soil better.

H@ppy Green improves the quality of the soil. The result will be healthy and strong trees and hedges. Fruit trees will be grateful and give you bountiful crop. Ornamental shrubs giving you a beautiful flowerage and strong growths.

Even Christmas trees will stay fresher and live longer with H@ppy Green.

H@ppy Green has no side effects to humans, animals and our ecological system!


Use H@ppy Green in the growing season form spring to autumn with every watering. The application rate will be one cap (2cl) per 10 litres of water.

Since 2016 is H@ppy Green listed for the organic farming!