Happy Green

RasenH@ppy Green Lawn active

H@ppy Green consists of 100 % natural plant extracts.It is absolute economical harmless. H@ppy Green improves  the quality of the soil, it activates and increases the appearance of micro-organisms and earthworms. Using H@ppy Green while sowing, it will help with a better germination and usage of nutrients from the soil.

The result will be a better accumulation and quicker evolution of the youg plants. They can build stronger roots, thicker, hard-wearing sod.

H@ppy Green has no side effects to humans, animals and our ecological system!


Use H@ppy Green every 4 weeks in the growing season from spring to autumn. The application rate will be one cap (2cl) per 10 litres of water. To get the most out of H@ppy Green, you should use it at the beginning of the growing season.

Since 2016 is H@ppy Green listed for the organic farming!